Located in West Palm Beach and Serving the Surrounding Areas

Located in West Palm Beach and Serving theSurrounding Areas

Drain Cleaning


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Seacoast Septic & Plumbing has local drain cleaning professionals who are well-known for our ability to respond quickly with value pricing and premium customer service. We deliver innovative solutions to any drain plumbing problem in commercial buildings of all sizes. Here are just some of the drain types we can help you clear fast:
If you require emergency drain cleaning, even outside of regular business hours, call us for an upfront quote and an estimate of how many minutes it will take our nearest crew to get to your property.

Drain Cleaning Service Eliminates the Mess

Struggling with a backed-up drain can lead to all manner of undesirable problems including unsanitary conditions, foul odors, and costly water damage to your property. Our drain cleaning service takes the mess and hassle out of trying to figure out where the blockage is occurring, and how to break it up and remove it safely.

Complete Drain Cleaning

Advanced drain cleaning techniques and equipment allow us to guarantee the work we do for you will keep your pipes flowing for years to come. We use non-invasive digital technology to peer deep into the inner workings of the main and secondary water passages in your property. This allows us to identify all potential problems right at the source. Here are some of the main reasons for cleaning drain pipes in buildings:

A Reputable Drain Cleaning Company

Cleaning a drain isn’t as simple as you might think and not every drain cleaning company is as committed to respecting your property and providing the high level of service we bring to every job. We are the polite drain cleaning contractors who clean up after ourselves when we are finished, leaving your property in the same great condition it was in when we arrived on the scene.

A Prompt & Prepared Drain Cleaning Plumber

Depending on the type of clog you are dealing with, and where it is located, we will select and propose the best equipment for the job. This includes, high-speed water jetting, biological drain cleaners, advanced snaking technology, and dependable service techs with years of experience. All of our vans are fully equipped with well-maintained equipment suitable for cleaning a clogged drain on any kind.

Emergency Drain Cleaning Service

If you are experiencing the worst side effects of indoor plumbing in your office, our emergency drain cleaning service can be there in a flash. Don’t let major sewage and water flow issues wait until morning when they should be addressed right now. We’ll prevent any further destruction of your property from happening and take care of issues that have been an annoyance for years.

We’re your local drain cleaning team, working with you to keep waste water flowing away from your property freely. Call us at (561) 478-7878 for a free estimate or for more information on our one-time and ongoing maintenance packages.


Whenever You Need It

We know all too well that a plumbing or septic issue can strike at any time day or night. If you are awoken in the middle of the night to a foul smell coming from where your septic tank is located, don’t wait until the morning to deal with the issue. Our experts will be by your side ASAP to properly diagnose and resolve your issue with minimal interruptions to your life.


Came to my business that I thought I would have to close on a weekend because I could not find anyone to come out and clean the grease trap. Fixed my problem in the morning and I was able to open back up again for lunch and saved my weekend!


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