Located in West Palm Beach and Serving the Surrounding Areas

Located in West Palm Beach and Serving theSurrounding Areas

Drain Camera Inspection


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Seacoast Septic & Plumbing specializes in top-quality drain camera inspection. We pride ourselves in offering premium service at competitive rates that won’t leave your budget in shambles. Our licensed technicians are trained in the latest surveillance technology that allows us to see deep into the furthest reaches of your main and secondary sewage and water pipes to discover current and potential problems. Here are some of the most common things we identify: 

We recommend a pipe inspection if you’re having any problems with slow drainage, clogs, and backups of any kind. It’s the best way to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into when you begin your game plan for repairs and service.

How Does a Pipe Camera Work?

Technology really is an amazing thing. If you think back to the days before the pipe camera existed, it’s easy to overlook how much of a monumental task finding an obstruction deep within an intricate system would be. From digging into drywall to tearing up your entire yard, you could spend weeks destroying your commercial property only to have the problem continue to elude you.

These days, early identification is key in protecting yourself and the value of your current and future investments. With non-invasive technology that allows us to see through practically every pipe you own, we can get to the bottom of tricky blockages fast.

How does a sewer camera work? A sewer inspection camera is attached to the end of a flexible rod that is threaded through pipes with ease. It even has the ability to see around corners! This allows us to see the inside of waterways in real time and assess areas of concern like we’re looking right at them.

What You Will See on the Drain Camera

It’s not going to be an Oscar-winning production, but the drain camera gives us the ability to pinpoint the location of any hazards or clogs in your system. When you watch it from beginning to end, you’ll see the pipe inspection start at the trap and go down through the sewer lines discovering any potential issues all the way up to where it connects with the city’s main arteries.

How Does a Plumbing Camera Inspection Before Purchasing a Property Help?

If you’re buying a property, having the ability to get a full picture of the health of your waste water lines can save you an infinite amount of stress and expense in the long run. Discovering potential issues and having the ability to decide if you are up for the challenge beforehand gives you options that allow you to better protect yourself.

Call our office for a free estimate and for more information on our state-of-the-art drain camera inspection techniques. Book your appointment today to gain the peace of mind you deserve.


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We know all too well that a plumbing or septic issue can strike at any time day or night. If you are awoken in the middle of the night to a foul smell coming from where your septic tank is located, don’t wait until the morning to deal with the issue. Our experts will be by your side ASAP to properly diagnose and resolve your issue with minimal interruptions to your life.


Came to my business that I thought I would have to close on a weekend because I could not find anyone to come out and clean the grease trap. Fixed my problem in the morning and I was able to open back up again for lunch and saved my weekend!


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